Monday, March 26, 2012


top - witchery, jumper - h&m, denim shorts - h&m DIY, fleecy tights - ambra, high top sneakers - high st, watch - big w

I have been drooling over denim cut off shorts for a while and I managed to make my own pare after a mistake in H&M. On Friday my boyfriend and I went clothes shopping in the city to find him some office clothes for his interview so while he was in the changing room I walked around the men's sales rack. As I was looking threw the rack I found a pair of jeans marked 28/32 for 10. My boyfriend needed a new pair and thinking that they where a 32inch waist I picked them up and because he was sick of having to try things on he just looked at the size and paid for it. When we got home the size was a 28inch waist so I fit them instead and made them into denim cut off shorts.

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