Saturday, June 16, 2012

Travel Problem

I am going on an epic month trip next month but have cropped up with a very interesting problem. I am going to a Pohoda music festival in Slovakia during my 1st week away and then traveling around and then going to Herrang lindy exchange in my 3rd week.

The problem is this, I am having to take a tent, sleeping bag and mat to the festival for camping but for Herrang I am going to be dancing so I need more shoes and clothes due to the sweat factor, how much stuff is too much. I hate having to carry around a big suitcase just for camping stuff but looking at having to take 5-6 pairs of shoes is also not a fun thing.

I am not going to be camping at Herrang (I hope) but I will still have to lug everything around with me because I will still want to use it in the future. My suitcase is so big and bulky it is very hard to drag around (plus most of the airlines only allow me 15kg checked luggage) but I might have to buy a very cheap duffle bag with wheels to carry all my camping gear and extra lindy clothing.

 Images from tonbogirl
 Images from teen vogue
Images from cali vintage and free people 
On the plus side I have been looking at some very cool style inspiration for the festival that can be easily transformed for lindy. Thinking a 40's sporty outdoors chic style mixed with 70's boho hippy prep style. Lots of cute sunglasses, scarfs, playsuit/shorts, brights and neutrals mixed together. Both Herrang and Pohoda is a real excuse to dress as crazy as you like without people looking at you like a complete crazy.

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