Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tips and Tricks

1. Mr sandman, bring me a dream
I have always had a bad time with sleeping patterns, my mum still tells me about how I would always be up at 1am and go back to bed at 4am, and they have never gotten better. From chaining time zones, partying, different weather conditions and sightseeing all day you can end up sleeping very little that can wreck your system all over and no sleep means getting ill is on the cards. Lack of sleep everyone knows causes irritability, headaches and co-ordination problems but it can also causes loss of apatite (and "tummy problems") and mild delirium with micro sleeps. Some ways to aid sleep are limit your intake of caffeine, sugar and alcohol during the day. Another is to use a audio sleep trigger that can help you focus and slowly go to sleep, many people use white noise, music, podcasts or movie/tv program to get into a relaxed state. Another thing that can interrupt your sleep is loud noises or light. If you wake up frequently during the night you will want to "sleep in" more causing you to wake up later and later. If it is noise try ether removing the noise or blocking it out with ear plugs and if it is light try moving somewhere that is darker or use an eye mask to block it out. 

2. Scrub away your blues
Travel can mean that hygiene can take a little backseat so when you do get to shower after the beach/pool, traveling in plains/trains/buses/cars, wearing dirty clothes, being out all day and night and general fighting your way for a shower when there are 4 showers but 40 people on a hostel floor to have one too your general soap down will not do. You need to exfoliate not just wash. The more dead skin cells you can take off the better with a flannel/exfoliating mit/exfoliating gel/home made. Dirty clothes and dirty skin can not make you smell good after a bath/shower if you still have a build up of dead skin (people who always smell of BO will not smell good even with a bath) this also includes feet (guys especially). I know that it takes longer than a normal soap up but everyone around you will appreciate it, trust me on that.

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