Thursday, October 31, 2013

New beguinings

After a very crazy year last this year has been tough, moving back to Australia from Germany before Christmas, finding a new job and moving down south in WA for it so being completely independent for the first time, ending my 6 year relationship with someone who I still care for a lot has been hard and to top it all off a 3 month flu from complete and utter stress.
Now I am starting to get myself together I want to start doing some changes and setting some goals for myself (along with getting back into blogging) so it is going to be Do Over November.

I have set myself a few goals for my Do Over November:
only wear 20 items of clothing on rotation for the month; this includes work gear
read 5 books from my overflowing
try to get 3hrs of some sort of exercise per week
drink 2L of water, including tea and coffee
and find a treat at the end of the month, maybe a trip?

Wish me luck

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