Thursday, October 31, 2013

How not to be a backpacker

I have talked a lot on my blog about backpacking and the fun that you have and the places that you see and the fun of staying in hostels to meet interesting people from all over the world but this is not that post. This is a post about things that you should not do in a hostel if you want to keep your dignity in tact. I was in a situation early this year where I ended up living in a hostel down south in WA while working at a new job. As a Perthie living in a hostel in there own state and working in a job that is my career I wasn't the average backpacker that they have their but it did allow me to witness things that need to be said.
Even in Germany I wasn't on the normal backpacker working holiday but the people I lived with in the hostel where so it gave me a different view than i have had in the past of just with just staying in one for a few days while passing threw a city.

I know that your on holiday/working holiday and the normal "at home" rules seem not to apply to you but there are things you have to remember that just like high school your reputation can make or break you. I have one big thing to tell you, women to women.

Never be "that girl!"
I am not just talking about promiscuity (polite language) but also bitches that spread rumors because both will end bad for you. On the sex front the stories will be told endlessly, rooms will be named after you (laugh but its true) the guys that had sex with them will be eyed with a mix of high fives and disgust that they where that desperate. I have no problem with girls sleeping around (I don't and probably never will) but its a lack of respect for yourself that you use casual sex to boost your own confidence and the time will come when everyone will look at you with pity in the hostel but can also come back to bite you in the ass when you find someone that you want something more with can be forever tainted by this reputation, plus STI! (just saying). With girls who spread rumors and lies, it will come back and bite you in the bum because no one wants to be friends with someone who would be two faced behind there back and it will get to a point that you will alienate people so much that you will be ostracized from the pack. Its a sad truth.

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