Thursday, March 22, 2012

I feel pretty

top - paper and cloth, cardigan - h&m, jeans - h&m, belt - forever new, brooch - hair clip from alannah hill, shoes - rubi

Yesterday I went to the city to go jacket shopping in the sales. I have a big pink duffle coat that I wear at night when it is cold but during the day I don't relay want to have to wear my hoodie over my tops because it makes everything look super casual and it is not that flattering on my body (I'm 5'2 but have a short body and long legs so anything that ends under my hip bone makes me look very dumpy) and as the weather gets warmer I need a jacket to protect me from the wind but will be too hot in a big wool coat. I didn't want to spend over 20 for one so I had to hunt around. The styles I could find mostly where parkas, motorcycle jackets or blazers but all where not cropped enough in length for me or where double breasted with only side detailing making my chest look very lopsided. I went into Zara to look at there sale rack and saw a jacket I had had my eye on had finally reduced to a good price (it was originally €70 then down to €30 and I managed to get it for €15) and that was a style that I liked. The jacket is a navy "chanel like" course tweed with a deep V neck and no turn up collar or buttons. I am going to have to add a popper or two to keep it closed but it is so nice and just warm enough. I also went to h&m to get a XL size men's t shirt to turn into a dress (DIY tutorial to come soon) and to get a small pouch wallet for my small cross body going out bag.

A closeup of my hair clip that I added a brooch back to and how I have been pinning my hair back because I am still not liking my haircut.

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