Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Finally Hear

sleeveless top - paper and cloth, long sleeve wool top (worn underneath) - country road, wool cardigan - country road, wool skirt - witchery, fleece tights - ambra (the only way you can go outside in a skirt), socks - kmart, boots (with a hidden 1.5 inch platform) - rubi shoes

Finally I am in Germany. After the stress of giving up work and packing up my life into 6 storage boxes I am finally in Germany with my boyfriend. I have one suitcase of clothes and a computer and that is all the possessions I own. We have started our adventure in Hamburg, somewhere that I think I am falling in love with, with a little apartment while we study and start getting use to a sort of home life. I have unfortunately missed the student admissions for March for the language schools (unless I want to pay for private tutors, no thank you) so am spending my days studying on Livemocha to try to get the jump on my classes next month.
I am trying to stick with a very limited budget to try and make my money stretch as far as possible so I am scrutinizing everything I buy to see if I relay need it (no frivolity in shopping) so I am going to find lots of ways to wear my wardrobe. I have brought a large case of makeup to give my look a little style kick without having to buy any clothes but we don't have H&M in Australia so it is very hard to pull myself out of there with it all being very cheap.
I am starting to get to the stage where I am wanting short hair back. It always happens around April- May when my hair gets to my shoulders. It gets so a stage where I have had it up in ponytails and buns for the summer when it has been hot and it has stopped being wavy. Also at the moment I have had to blow dry it every time I wash it to get it dry and it just ends up looking bla. But my German is in no way at any stage that I could go into a salon and ask for a hair cut so I will have to just put up with it.

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