Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY up-cycled skirt

top - dotti, hoodie - cotton on, scarf - target, skirt - up-cycled by me, beret - knitted by me, bag - target, fleecy tights - ambra, high top sneakers - local high st
outfit for the outdoors
Indoors outfit
This is what I wore today to do my grocery shopping. A lot warmer than just a cardigan like yesterday. I am thinking that I might need to buy a lighter weight coat seeing that it is warming up a little outside.
On Sunday I was feeling quite bored and got a little destructive with my witchery wool skirt (see original in this post) that I liked but it was a little hard to find things to go with it seeing that it looked so casual. I decided to cut off its elastic waist band and then cut down the front in the middle. To make it a wrap skirt front, kind of kilt like, I added a popper at the inside band and a brooch backing at the other side making it easy to change its position on the front of the skirt. I have no sewing machine so I had to find the easiest way to close it. I think the wrap makes it look a little more polished than it did. If you want to know how to make one easily Geneva at a pair & a spare has an easy to follow DIY tutorial for making one.
brooch back and popper
asymmetrical pinning of brooch

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