Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunshine and Wine

top - witchery, cardigan - country road, skirt - cotton on, fleece tights - ambra, high top sneakers - high street, watch - big w, cat brooch - cotton on

Yesterday was a crazy day. After running errands in the morning I met my boyfriend and some of his class mates at the HofbrÀuhaus in the city for a late lunch. I arrived at about 3 (they had already been there since 1pm) there was already wine on the table. After we moved in side because it was starting to get cold in the beer garden we then carried on with the wine. At 7pm we managed to rope in 2 german men who where having after work drinks onto our table who then insisted in buying everyone shots (4 rounds of them, I didn't have any of them because it was a nasty cherry flavored drink that tasted like cough syrup, plus I make it a BIG point to not take any shots from men who I have just met who seem a little TOO happy to give women large quantity of spirits in 10 minutes). At 10pm when we left for the Reeperbahn everyone was starting to feel very happy (very VERY drunk)and then made it to a few clubs before heading home at 2am. This morning was not so bad after I only had a few glasses of wine but everyone else who had been drinking for 12hrs was bad. A tale of woe to everyone.

sunglasses - witchery
sitting outside in the beer garden in 16C sunshine with no jacket. I did not think I would get use to the weather that fast.

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