Sunday, March 11, 2012

Swing dancing in Hamburg

This afternoon I went swing dancing for the first time in Hamburg (thank you New Generation). It was quite an ordeal to get there but when I finally got there it was so cool. 1st it was in this big green house that was so dilapidated inside (hipster dilapidated) with cool couches and cafe tables. When I finally got there everyone was having tea and homemade cakes and socializing. The dance rooms where small so balboa was very popular. Something that was very different was that there where so many children running around on the dance floor. But very cool with the DJ spinning vinyl to dance too.
It was fun to dance with new leads. The style of Hamburg and Perth are very different so at first it took a lot of concentrating and after that I just went with the flow. Next Sunday I will do it all again.

will need to take more balboa classes

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  1. Hi,I just moved to Hamburg and I'm looking for swing dancing class for beginners - could you recommend one please?
    Thank you :)