Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grey Day

tshirt - h&m mens section, jeans/jeggings? - h&m kids section, hightop sneakers - 5 from a shop on my local highstreet

After spending the last 2 days rushing around getting a new mobile, travel pass and spending 3 nights in a row out late (i got home at 12am last night again) so after it being all hectic I liked having a very slow day today at home getting on with things I have been putting off doing. I have had another shopping trip to pick up some stuff I needed (I may do a haul video to show you what I bought).
I have started to wear jeans because I still haven't got use to the cold yet. In Perth I tried not to wear jeans and trousers when I wasn't at work so I got use to wearing skirts and dresses with tights but in Hamburg it is still very cold and not many women wear skirts or dresses. After being out for the past few day I noticed that the uniform of choice is jacket, jeans, boots or sneakers (they love there converse all stars) but also trying to find skirts in the shops is very difficult I have found that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
I bought myself another pair of shoes because I have had to get rid of a pair of my boots because they caused me so much pain with blisters, my other shoes I am going to wear the hidden wedge out if I don't give them a brake and my plimsolls are not waterproof so they get wet and smelly easily. So when I was passing by a cheap shoe shop yesterday and saw the €5 sale sign I had to take a look and these fo-leather high top sneakers caught my attention that I had to snap them up. I have had them on all day today after doing my food shopping and they are very comfy. A good investment of money.

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