Thursday, March 22, 2012


dress - made by me, cardigan - country road, tights - ambra, ballet flats - h&m, belt - big w, brooch - gallery shop in sydney

freaky looking brooch

Loving:Not working and exploring my new city. After constantly working for 7 years without any real down time I am finding it very rewarding to just relax and take everything in. Having a student lifestyle is very nice for the first time in a long time (trying not to get addicted to it) and being able to plan holidays that will actually happen and not feel guilty about taking. I find it so fun that even when I walk around my own area that I always see something new, everyone takes it slower instead of rushing hear and there.

Thinking about: My family in Australia. I am very close to my family so I find it hard to be away from them. My Grandpop has just come out of hospital after having a stent put in and it is hard to try not to worry and knowing that your a whole day of flying away if something does happen. I know that they are happy for me being brave and moving overseas but it is still hard that I can't just drop round for tea anytime I want to see them.
Anticipating: A weekend away. I have only been to Frankfurt in Germany so far so a little holiday before starting my course next month will be very fun. I am also looking forward to a trip in May for my birthday somewhere nice. Slovakia or Hungary would be very fun.

Listening to: German kids cartoons to learn more german. I find that they speak slow enough for me to understand what they are talking about. I am also listening to The Minutes podcasts by Patience Hodgson from The Grates and Comedian Mel Buttle. It is the ramblings of two very funny ladies who sound just like my friends when we all get together. It jumps from one topic to the next and will have you in stitches with there antics.

Eating: Belgium chocolate with whole hazel nuts in as an afternoon treat. Such a good snack as a reward for keeping on task in the morning. I am also loving all the good rye bread from the local bakery. Unlike Australia where everyone is all low carb food hear in Germany they love their bread and it is so flavorsome that you only need a very thin slice with cheese to fill you up.

Wishing: That everything will work out for the best for everyone.

Thank you Sometimes Sweet for the post idea. Please read her post and feel free to make one of your own.

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