Friday, July 22, 2011

A Little Rant

I have been absent for a week or two due to illness and a very slow internet (5min to load up one picture on reader WTF!) but am now mad. While I was away I found out that British passport holders don't need any visa (including work visas) under the EU rules, that solves the problem of a working holiday visa.
I am eligible for a British passport because my mother was born in England and I was born after 1982 within the commonwealth, so for the last week I have been getting all my paperwork together for my application.
On Friday I took 2hrs of work to go to my passport appointment at Australia post outlet. When I got there I was told that my passport photo that I had taken at another Australia post outlet was the incorrect size and was not usable and that because I have not had any contact with my Father since I was 2 it may not be enough of his information to allow for a passport, SHIT! How can something be so hard. I am also not automatically eligible for a passport due to my mother being English born not my father. Fucking patriarchal society. If he was it would be automatic. No one ever remembers the old proverb of its a smart child that knows its own father because you always know who gave birth to you.
So on Tuesday I have to take another 2hrs off work to do the whole thing again. ahhhh FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!

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