Sunday, July 31, 2011

Home Front

For the first time women played a big role not only in the services but also at home. Women where asked to do there bit for the war effort by heading into factories and onto the land to keep the country going. This caused an impact on womens fashion. Women where more concerned about easy to wear clothes that you could accessories with a few thing to take them from a day at home or work to a night out dancing.

Inspiration: the common woman
heavy drill skirt and trouser suits - plaid shirts, skirts and dresses - house dresses - patterned tea dresses - wool coats - plain shirts - hand knitted jumpers and cardigans - tweed - leather low healed court shoes or wedges - scarves - hand made large envelope clutch bags - bucket hand bags - satchel bags - brogues - hand made accessories

For My Home Front Style:
- high waist A line wool tartan skirt
- fine knit jumper with a high neck line
- knitted knee high socks instead of stockings
- leather brogues
- a head scarf to keep hair out of the way

my makeup is a very light powder base with a little pink blush, mascara and a mat pink red lipstick. my hair is very loosely curled to give it a soft wave (my hair is short at the moment)


Hair was generally mid length and brushed away from the face and held back with pins. Hair was also tied into buns or rolled upwards to keep neat and tidy while at work.
Hats where often hand made out of off cuts of material or knitted. Snoods and hair nets where worn for day and night decorated with flowers and beads. Turbans and scarfs where popular as an easy head covering.

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