Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lindy Hop

I have been a dancer since I was 2 in one form or another but have been dancing Lindy hop for about 6 years now on and off (off at the moment due to an injury) and love the lifestyle that goes with it. I have met many of my friends through dancing that I would have never met without being a dancer. When I move I want to keep on dancing for my fun and to meet local people with similar interests as me. I have met many dancers who have moved to Perth and have instantly found a group of friends.

The best way to find places to dance is through online swing websites that can tell you where to go and when the events are on. Most of these websites also have forums so that you can get in contact with dancers before you leave that can give you the low down on the scene before you get there.

I have found that Swing Scout is a very good German website with information of schools, workshops and events all over Germany .

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