Thursday, July 28, 2011

1940's Week in 2 days

As a blogger it is a good place to hash out ideas but also a grate place to share my passions and one of my biggest is the 1940's. I have been obsessed with the 40's for a long time mainly from being fed a steady stream of British WW2 movies and Hollywood musicals but also for seeing at a grate leap in style from the surf brands.
I love learning about the sociological side of the 40's of dates and the real people but it also feeds my collecting bug of clothing, sewing, knitting, accessories and home wares.
I often get asked by people that love my style how do I get the look, so I have decided to dedicate a week starting this Saturday to all things 40's on the history and how to get the look. I will be giving posts about clothes and hair and makeup and also how to put the elements together into 5 key 40's outfit posts
- Home front style
- Sport style
- Pin up style
- Film noir style
and - Girl next door/Hollywood starlet style
I hope everyone enjoys it and it gives you lots to think about

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