Thursday, July 7, 2011


Perth is not known for its cold weather but it gets down to 1-5C at night with a very cold wind to 15-20C during the day with bright sunshine. We don't get a lot of rain but when it does it buckets down.
Unfortunately most People in Perth have no idea how to dress for the weather. We are such a summer city that most people ether put on the daggy clothes or freeze trying to get away with hardly any warm clothes.
I love the cold weather (not being cold, there is a difference) and have amassed a very large wardrobe of winter clothing (mainly due to being a mad vintage collector) with loads of cardigans,tights, scarfs, socks and coats. I also love a good quality thermals to keep you toasty. Layering is the key especially when you get into your destination.
I love this grate photo of how to take your inside clothes and making them into outside clothes with only having to add a few things and still retaining the cool vintage styling.

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