Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tips and Tricks

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1. Flask me up
Travel means 2 things, 1. having to drink water that you are not use to and 2. buying loads of bottled water, both of these will cause extra expenses to the budget so a good way to do it is to take a re-usable water bottle or thermos flask. There are many water bottles that have replaceable filters that can help keep your water safe to drink, just fill it up from a safe to drink tap or from a kettle of hot water. A good thermos flask can help with keeping the cost down of buying coffee and tea from cafes when you are out and about (or as a quick snack if you put cup a soup in it when it's cold) so you can make it in the morning and it will stay hot for at least 6 to 12hrs (depending on the make and model. If you are going to want very clean water you can go down the UV pen water purifier route that kills any bacteria sensitive to UV light, but it is still a good idea to use a safe water souse to drink from. If you are traveling by plane keep the bottles empty and make shore that you put the flask in your carry on so that it can be inspected by security.

2. Fit as a fiddle
Change in weather and stress on the body can make your body get out of whack, fast! Having traveled when recovering from an illness I know how not getting enough sleep, eating crap food or not enough food and constant partying causes havoc with your body so a good dose of vitamin supplements before you leave and while you travel can be a very wise thing to take. A good multivitamin for your gender will give you a basic start to any deficiency's in your diet. There are supplements to help with travel sickness, insomnia and any basic stress relief. If you are traveling in the winter some cold prevention would be advisable, a digestive aid can be good for the prevention of food poisoning (just make shore that it's not the kind that needs to be kept in the fridge) and "fish oil" to help prevent DVT from long periods of sitting upright when in transit. Coming from Perth where it is always sunny being somewhere overcast for a long period of time can cause you not to get enough vitamin D that helps with the absorption of calcium (important to women to stop osteoporosis) but also if you don't get enough vitamin D it also causes low serotonin levels that in tern causes a higher risk of depression and also acts as a apatite suppressant so a good combination calcium/vit D is a good idea.

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