Sunday, January 1, 2012

Are you a travel MacGyver?

You know the type that turn up with only the clothes they stand up in and a day pack, only enough money for a month even though they are traveling for 3 and no accommodation booked anywhere.
We all forget something when traveling or get into unforeseen problems but when can being unprepared really be dangerous. Most of the "MacGyver's" I have met have been men (sorry for the stereotype, I have met a few women but mostly it has been men) who have never really had to fully look after them selves and who have kind of just stumbled through life taking the crap as it has come and been bailed out my parents when the shit hits the fan.
I am not a "MacGyver" more of a "Girl Guide" but I am flexible enough to go with the flow and have the ability to adapt into the situation. I am forgetful with taking things (towels or bathers) and do also leave things behind on trips (toiletries are the big one) but still have a the strength to take it in my stride.
So to all the "MacGyver's" out there have fun while the good life is going but don't cry over spilt milk when it all goes wrong, use it as a reminder the next time you think of going "MacGyver".

My "MacGyver" Tips:
- hair elastics can be used to hook wet bathers/socks/underwear through the loop in a larks head knot and secure the other end to somewhere that there isn't a hook to hand them from
- use tooth paste as a makeshift bandaid over surface cuts from shaving or paper cuts, just let it dry on your skin, and it will help stop dirt getting into it
- use mouth wash as hand sanitiser if you don't have any soap at hand
- a bobby pin or paper clip can be used as an emergency safety pin for clothes

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