Sunday, December 25, 2011

All seasons vintage look - part 1

I am a mad collector of vintage clothing but because my style is from 60 years ago the clothes are very fragile and don't stand up to very vigorous wear. Because fashion always reinvents its self, weight long enough and you can find reproductions for a lot cheaper but sometimes that can take years and if you are not so seamstresly gifted (I love my sewing but it still can cost a fortune) you can normally find what you want from op-shops if you look hard enough.

Below I have just put my favorite peaces to wear everyday to make a vintage outfit for all seasons. There are a few things that stay the same (ie. undergarments) but most of these can be used in all the seasons (if you live in Perth) that can be layered. This is just to show that you can do a lot with very little.

Summer/Spring - shirt (op-shop), shorts (Tempt), straw bag (vintage), skirt (Ally), thin cardigan (Cotton On), wedges (Target), necklace (op-shop), brooch (Pigeonhole), scarf (vintage), belt (Big W), hair clips (?), slip (op-shop), garter belt (op-shop), seemed stockings (What Katie Did), cross body bag (op-shop), dress (op-shop), plimsolls (Keds)

Autumn/Winter - shirt (op-shop), wool pants (op-shop), thick cardigan (Alannah Hill), cable knit vest (Dotti), tweed jacket (op-shop), jumper (op-shop), heeled brogues (Big W), knitted scarf (made by me), snood (made by me), scarf (op-shop), brooch (op-shop), wool skirt (make by a friend), knee high cable knit socks (Dangerfield), brogues (Target)

Next I will show you how I put my looks together.

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