Thursday, November 3, 2011

Saving Money - Food

Traveling is an expensive thing to do. If like me you do not have a lot of money but want to save you have to not only put money away every pay check but you have to change your attitude to how you spend your money. I have found that these work for me when I am trying to save money.

Some people will fall off there chair at this statement but this is one of the biggest ways to waste money. If you think about it that a bottle of wine costs over $10, that is money that could be used on your food budget. I know so many people on working travel visas that complain about never having enough money but can spend $50 in one night out drinking that they do nearly every Friday and Saturday night. Going to student and backpacker nights where a jug coats $10 is not cheap if you end up buying 3 of them and then the takeaway dinner to soak it up and the taxi home. I do like a drink but especially in Perth where a night out can cost you $100 in cocktails the morning after when you see that there is nothing left in your wallet the comedown you will have (along with the hangover) will not be worth it.

2. Make friends with your freezer
Being able to make batches of stews and soups and freeze them will give you lots of lunches and quick dinners for a few weeks. Frozen veggies are grate to add to your dinners as a way to save money and also up your veggie intake if you are not the kind of person who buys lots of fresh veggies at the shops. When it starts to get hot instead of buying ice cream on your way home make easy ice pops with one small pot of flavored yogurt watered down with milk or some water or if you don't want any dairy try freezing some ice pops of tea (did i hear you say cheap) more cooling than a hot cup. Try not to get sucked into buying lots of junk food just because its cheap, you don't want to have to worry about loosing weight and saving money.

3. Quality over quantity
Try to buy food that will keep you full for longer so you don't spend money on snacks. Things that are made with refined white flower will not fill you up the same as wholemeal and whole grain flower will, you will only need to eat half as much of the wholemeal as you would the white. Instead of always having meat swap it for legumes that will have the same amount of protein but will have a big price saving difference. Take fruit, nuts and muesli bars with you to snack on instead of buying snacks when you are at work or out and about. Start loving salads that are healthy for you, can be made in so many ways with any leftovers and you can buy enough fresh salad basics for a week for about $15.

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