Saturday, November 5, 2011

OMG - do i dress like that

Yesterday I went shopping in Perth to get some things I needed while the shops still have winter stock (fleas lined opaque tights = heaven) and went to our outlet shopping center just a 10 minute walk away from the CBD. Harbourtown where all the outlet shops are is a place I only go to once a year if that. The clothes they have use to be very cheap but now with all the shops having large sale racks in them all the time it is more a place you go to if you can't find what you want in the city and want to look for it without having to spend 5 hours of going around the city doing it (yesterday all I wanted to find was a cross body bag that had a zip to close the whole of the bag up and then a flap to go over the top to keep the zip hidden, I found only one and bought it) which is handy.
I bought myself some lunch and sat down to do some people watching and found myself being able to identify where the people on holiday came from without them having to open there mouths. Have you ever found that?Perth is not a place that has lots of tourists but is the cheapest place to fly to if coming from Africa, the middle east or Europe I started to formulate a few ways of identifying them and Australians overseas.

Skin tight clothes, white pants, spaghetti strap tops in very bright colours = English girls
Short hair with way too much product in it,jeans with polo shirts and very flashy trainers = English guy
Baggy relaxed fit clothing, effortlessly polished = french girl
Shirts with the sleeves rolled up to there elbows and jeans that hug the legs but not tight = french, Italian or Spanish guy
Shorts and walking sandals, t shirts in all weather not feeling the cold, jeans, very thin scarf = Scandnavian
Flowy dresses with very minimal makeup and a small jacket if it is cold = Dutch and German girls
t shirts and shorts with very sensible shoes = -Dutch and German guys
Very form fitting style (not skin tight) that looks overtly expensive or gym branded clothes = Eastern European
I love the modern middle eastern girls style of dress with there modest lengths but there accessories are to die for. They have a similar style to the eastern European girls but know how to work there makeup with the focus on there amazing eyes.

Australians girls are easy to spot they are usually in something relaxed surfy style (even if you don't surf, shorts, dresses and lots of skin. Australian guys are ether in jeans or wearing bordshorts as normal clothing is the dead giveaway. As I had my coffee I thought to my self "i hope I don't look that obvious when I'm on holiday" and then I thought who cares if I do.

PS. I am sorry if I have offended anyone by this, it is my opinion and not meant to offend anyone

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