Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Learning the Language

I have only a few months to start to learn German so I am in a bit of a panic mode. You may say that I have left it a little late to start now but when your boyfriend is a huge procrastinator and is always having new ideas for where we should live overseas (I booked my tickets a week before he booked his tickets to force him into picking a definite date to leave) so I was still very skeptical that it would ever happen. My boyfriend has been learning German for about a year so he has a good understanding of the basics (last year he was learning Italian, see very skeptical) but I need to learn fast.

My Plan of attack:
1. Free online courses
I have signed myself up to Livemocha and GermanPod101 that help with the spoken language and written language. Livemocha has a focus on the online community as well allowing you to get pen pals so that you can get a language swap with your language for there's.

2. Podcasts
I am a very auditory learner so listening over and over to something I manage to absorb it. GermanPod101 has daily podcast but iTunes has many podcasts from the very basic to detailed courses.

3. Language Immersion
Surround yourself with German in written and spoken form so that your brain is trained to pick it up and it will not sound so foreign when it becomes the norm. These are the bloggers that I have been watching to help me. One thing never to do is eavesdrop on conversations it will just annoy the people you are listening to and anyone you are with that you will be ignoring, trust me one this, it has happened to me with my boyfriend.

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