Monday, October 31, 2011

Travel Crafting - Knitting

So travel always gives you lots of time to slow down and relax, like a long long weekend, but after you have seen the sights and met some nice people what can you do in your ME time? the normal options are a nice book but if you are a very fast reader you don't want to take so many books that will just weigh you down and playing games or watching a movie or tv show on your laptop can also be fun but you don't want to spend ALL your free time doing it because you could have staid at home and do that.
If you are a creative person like me how about taking some craft with you? but what to take?

5 reasons to craft while traveling
1. instant conversation starter - everyone wants to know what you are doing and what you are making
2. can keep you sane - you can pick it up and put it down when you need a little normality while you are traveling
3. grate to do in public - all travelers don't like to be singled out as one when on trains, buses or in cafes but with craft being such a global thing you will just look like you belong
4. can make you some cash - most people would love a trinket to have or to give to someone that has a real story behind it
5. ongoing project - unlike a book or program that always has a definite ending, if you don't like it, take it a part and start again

Knitting is a good craft for traveling with, all you need are a pair of needles and a ball of wool. It is grate as you can make a scarf if you are some where cold or a bag if you are going some where hot. If you are traveling buy your self you could always make a little travel companion to come a long for the ride.
Knitting needles are unfortunately are not allowed on planes (a place where you need to keep yourself occupied) in case you become a renegade knitter and try to high jack it but there is an easy option to make a pair.
-Take a pair of disposable sushi chopsticks
-roughly sharpen the tapered end into a point with a pencil sharpener (do not make it into a pencil point you will hurt your self)
- blunt down the end with an emery board (not a metal one) or if you do not have one blunt it down rub the end on tray table
-tie some wool around the other end to make a stopper so that the stitches can't come off
-finally rub some chap stick/lip balm onto points and massage it in with a napkin or tissue, this will help the stitches glide over the needles without catching any splinters

There are lots of kits on Etsy that will give you all the equipment you will need plus a pattern to work off. If you are a first timer and think your holiday would be the perfect time to learn how to check out the youtube clip down below for a simple how to online course.

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