Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sorting the good from the crap

My new favorite blogger Tania from what would a nerd wear who for her limited budget finds grate simple peaces at chain stores to complement her special finds - have stared so many of her outfits in reader as inspiration for my own, ah, love.

I love making my own clothes as a hobby and going vintage and op-shop shopping to find my
clothes but I am a cheap chain store basics kind of girl. The only bad thing is that it can be a little hit and miss about the quality that you get and they can just fall to peaces within weeks but I am going to list my favorite places to find the basics on a budget for cheap that will last.

Underwear - Target

Targets range is about $4-10 for knickers and about $15-25 for bras.
I love them because for the price you get:
- 100% cotton or a 80-20 cotton mix that you don't normally get at that price, they also have organic cotton and bamboo for the same price
- they don't go out of shape easily after you wash them and the colour doesn't run
- the fabric is thick and the elastic stands up to the test of wear (often the fabric thins out before the elastic gives out)
- they stock small sizes, knickers at a size 8 and bras at a 8A, that a lot of shops do not
I have some Target underwear that is at least 2 years old and are still just as good as when I bought them.

Tank - Dotti

Dotti basic tops are $13 each or 2 for $20
I love them because:
- they start at an xs and the arm holes don't cut your circulation off at the small sizes as some do
- they come in a large array of colours that don't run in the wash
- the cotton is thick and only get better after every wash getting softer but not thinner
- they take up no space in your wardrobe and can stand up to wear and tare without the stitching breaking or shrinking in the wash
I love layering the tank tops under everything

Jeans - Kmart and JayJays

Kmart jeans range is about $10-30 and JayJays Jeans range is about $40-50
I love them because:
- Kmart's $10 jeans are thick, colour fast, don't go out of shape and the stitching is soft against the skin
- JayJays jeans are so vast in style that you can always find one that suits your body, they do half sizes, they do every wash and colour and are made for short people so you don't have to get too mach cut off
I have never been a very jeans (or pants) kind of girl but I have had JayJays jeans since I was in year 8 and have never been disappointed by them. I have had a Kmart pair for the last 5 months and am loving them to death but the legs are cut a little small so you are better going up a size for the fit in them.

Skirts, Shorts and Cardigans - Cotton On
Cotton On range is about $10-40 for all items
Ok, for anyone who has read my packing essentials post will know that I am obsessed with them. I can always find something in the store every time I go. I love them because:
- there have a huge range in so many styles to choose from the trendy to the classic
- good fabric in every colour and print
- there skirts and shorts have a comfy fit at the hips and waist allowing for good movement
- there cardigans come in lots of different lengths and thickness so you can find one for all seasons
- the size stars at xs and if you like the cut of it you can normally choose anywhere from 4 to 10 diferent prints.
Cotton On was the first real fashion chain store I went to when I was a teenager and I have been a devotee of them ever since. The main reason is they last, I have things from there that are 4 years old that I still wear all the time. The only thing that you need to do is sew the buttons on by hand after you get there garment before you wash it.

Shoes - BigW, Kmart and Target
All of there shoe ranges are about $5-50
I love them because:
- Big W canvas top shoes have thick fabric upper and very thick and dense rubber soles that take ages to wear out
- Kmart heals are well fitting at the smallest sizes and don't let your feet slip around
- Target flats have a long lifespan and are sturdy
I am a big walker so my shoes only last a few months but at the price there is always a style that will fit and suit you.

If anyone has any favorites of there own I would love to hear about them

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