Thursday, February 6, 2014

packing AGAIN

Having to pack and move NEVER EVER EVER gets easier. Its that time again where i have to pack up everything I own and get rid of mountains of crap. I am a borderline hoarder with so much aspirational stuff it is to that cleaning stage where you want to just head outside and scream from the mess you have to make.

You start of strong then it becomes like "why do i have a harem pants when I'm 5'2? did i think i was going to start an ashram" or "where did i get root boosting heat activated styling spray? i can't be bothered putting on lip balm most days did I really think I was going to start to do salon blow drys every morning" 

Its just stuff that is clutter you have to tell yourself when your packing your fifth plastic shopping bag for the op-shop, it needs to be like removing a band aid, fast to reduce the pain (and less likely for it to start creeping back into the suitcases).  

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