Monday, August 1, 2011

Sporty 40's

The main look of the early 40's was as healthy as possible. Swimming and sunbathing was all the rage (especially in Australia) and it was desirable to look toned and tanned. All girls while at school where made to do calisthenics and sport and cycling clubs where popular as sport not just for general getting from A to B. This sporty fashion was about easy peaces of clothing with a manly edge that could get dirty and be cleaned easily.

Inspiration: Katharine Hepburn
man style pant suits - tailored pointed shirts - high waisted shorts - cotton wrap skirts - shirt dresses - shirt play suits with button down detachable skirts - wrap dresses - short bolero military jackets - raffia flats - plimsolls - leather oxfords and brogues - knitted short sleeve jumpers - hair scarfs

For My Sports 40's Style:
- tweed high waisted wide leg trousers
- knitted short sleeve top
(sorry about the photos, only room with good lighting at night is the bathroom)

my makeup is a thin layer of tinted moisturizer, mascara, thin line of eye pencil on top lash line and a natural pink lip stain. my hair is pined up in twists upwards and away from the face overlapping at the ends.


Hair was worn away from the face and very loose, think of making your hair look like you have just put it up without thinking about it, with curls gently coming loose. Wear your hair with a scarf knotted on top or a thin ribbon to hold it back and behind your ears. As care free and un-done as possible. Add a 40's baseball cap or a baker boy cap.

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